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One of the things that allows us to have so much success as your wedding DJ comes down to mindset. We begin with the end in mind. We’re talking euphoric bride, hands in the air, loved ones all around – everybody having the best time ever.

Then we take you there, guiding the special moments you’ve been imagining all your life. You’ll hear the words, we’ll play the song, and then you’ll blink and it’s your first dance.


Hiring a professional DJ for your wedding instead of a part-time DJ can make all the difference. Your guests will go home feeling excited about all the fun they had at your wedding if you choose the right DJ/MC. This is because the music and entertainment on your special day is the glue that binds everything together, throughout the wedding. People always remember the music, and our team of professionals has everything you need to create a classy and fun event.

We are dedicated to executing everything smoothly as planned and to make this happen we take both a personal and professional approach. We set up meetings to understand how all the parts of the wedding will take place and what type of music do you enjoy. Secondly, we bring a backup for all our equipment in case something goes wrong. Plus, our team has access to a large collection of digital music that they combine with our top-of-the-line sound equipment to create the perfect mix every single time.


We believe that your wedding DJ has the responsibility to guide your event to its best possible outcome. We do this for our couples by…


Orchestrating your special moments with a friendly and genuine presence, while customizing and coordinating your itinerary, providing good musical vibes, and rocking your dance floor late into the night.

High Quality DJ Gear

Providing premium equipment and technical know-how. It's going to look good, sound good, and feel good.

Professional DJ/MC

Playing your favorite songs and mixing them seamlessly with your guests' requests while reading the room.


Apart from mixing great music, our DJs communicate well to make sure the event goes smoothly. They’ll make sure you’re on the same page about the “do not play” list, and they’ll coordinate with the photographer, too.


Reliability is one of the most important things when hiring people for your wedding day. We think ahead of time to avoid any last-minute hiccups. We have a backup for everything that can go wrong, from equipment to experts.


An experienced DJ/MC knows things may not always go as planned. Our DJs do keep the timeline of your event handy but if there is a change in the plan like some part gets postponed then they can quickly adapt keeping the excitement of the event alive.


We have been in the business since 2010 and professionalism in our services has allowed us to earn the trust of couples across Massachusetts. From the dress code to delivering completed videos on time, we always take the priorities of our clients seriously.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every now and then a couple asks, do we even need to bother to hire entertainment? Can’t we just play Spotify?

The answer to that depends on a few factors but first imagine this. You’ve got two parties. One with a Spotify list playing and another with a professional wedding DJ whose full-time attention is dedicated to making your moments happen on time, comfortably, with the equipment and know-how to amplify the speeches and music for all to hear. Want a dance party ran by a pro who’ll read your room, take requests, and mix in your favorites while staying away from your do not plays? Want someone who’ll help manage all the expectations of all your loved ones, the venue, your vendors, and help achieve the best result for you at the same time? Then you probably want to hire a wedding DJ.

On the other hand, if the event has 15 people or less and the couple isn’t concerned about the special moments happening on time with a nice flow, then maybe your friend’s speakers and a Spotify list is all you need.

It’s our experience, however, that the vast majority of couples have much more in mind for their wedding than that, and it’s those couples that we designed our services for!

The wedding DJ’s job starts when we arrive at the wedding 1.5-4 hours ahead of time, depending on the scope of the sound and lighting system needed. We then set up the speakers and equipment in such a way to maximize acoustics, accounting for the unique circumstances which exist at every venue.

After a mic and music check, the DJ then cleans up the wires and makes their setup look nice. Any Uplighting design will be done at this time also.

If we’re assisting with ceremony sound also, then we’d do a mic check with your officiant before playing prelude music as guests arrive. Usually, we fade into a special song or 3 when the ceremony starts, and your family/bridal party/couple walks down the aisle.

After that, we’re adjusting mic gain and volume and equalizing it all to ensure the best possible sound for your officiant and vows.

Then right when you kiss, and you’re introduced, and your loved ones erupt in applause we play your upbeat recessional song! This is an exciting moment, and we love starting the song perfectly on cue at the right place at the right time!

From there it’s cocktail music. Typically lighter, fun, feel-good music. We can dive deep into your favorite artists and genres to set the vibe you’re looking for!

Towards the end of cocktail hour, we’re hopping on the mic to invite your guests to find their seats. After that, we’re greeting the couple, lining up the bridal party, double-checking name pronunciations one more time, and BOOM we’re doing your grand introductions (after confirming the photographer and videographer are ready of course – also making sure the venue/ caterer has poured the champagne for toasts).

You come into the climax of another song, which we cue up perfectly with your names being announced, and it feels like it’s out of the movies!

You do a spin and kiss when you enter the room, the clapping begins to subside, and if you do want to cut the cake, this usually is a good time for your DJ to say, “and now our newlyweds would like to share a special moment with us as they cut their wedding cake!” Everyone was already paying attention to the introductions, so they continue, captivated as you cut your cake, and maybe feed each other a nibble?

A minute or two later we invite everyone to settle in and get comfortable before we introduce the toasts, thanking each person for their words before introducing the next, and if it’s traditional for your family to say a prayer before dinner we’ll introduce that person as well.
Then we’re inviting everyone to enjoy the meal!

An hour or so later we’re checking in with you to make sure you loved the dinner music and you’re ready for your special dances. We’ll make sure parents are there and the photographer/videographer is ready, and then we’ll introduce your first dance!

After your other special dances, we’ll invite your loved ones out and get the party started!

All night long after that we’ll read the room, take requests, and play great dance music, mixing it up to create an incredible fun-filled evening.

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