Uplighting is when event lighting is used in various points, typically around the perimeter of the space to create ambiance and dimension in the room. Since event lighting companies offer so many different types of uplighting, it can be hard to know what exactly uplighting is and if you are considering it, what would be the best choice for you.

While some lighting companies use it to add a pop of color, others use it to make the room more intimate or add depth, uplighting has become its own type of event illumination that can truly change the tone and atmosphere in a room.

Uplighting adds visual interest to the space. It can be used to highlight architectural features at the venue and to set the mood for the occasion.

Any area that is not directly lit by standard lighting, such as corners or underneath furniture or stairs is a great place to use uplighting for a wedding or event. A combination of monochromatic and vibrant colored uplighting can create an intimate setting for your wedding reception throughout the event. Different color options are often used for the wedding ceremony, the first dance, the first toast, dinner, cake cutting, and other highlights. These are all perfect opportunities to showcase the uniqueness of your event.

Uplighting is simply casting a light up a wall or column, to create a truly magical background and give any room an ambient glow! Uplighting brings your wedding or event to life and is the hottest trend in Weddings today. 70% of Brides use up-lighting packages to paint an elegant tone at their reception. Look at some pictures, and imagine an Uplighting Package enhancing your event!

Uplighting is by far the most popular lighting used at wedding receptions. It is called Uplighting because it refers to the direction the light is projected onto the wall. As your event lighting specialists, we place LED up lights around the perimeter of the room shining up on the walls. The lights are pointed up so the corresponding beams of light highlight the wall and project upward toward the ceiling.

Our LED uplights can be any color you choose and bring a beautiful and stimulating feel to your event. Uplighting adds depth and a personal touch to your event by painting your room with light.

You can use uplighting to enhance the whole reception and bring life to the room. If you are thinking of adding spice and a personal touch to your wedding do not forget to add color. Bring some flare in with colored uplights and it’s sure to add to the mood of your BIG day!

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